You have 140 characters to give your best #fitness/#health advice. Go, go, go!!

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We recently asked everyone on social media to give their best fitness/health advice – limiting it to 140 characters. We had a variety of responses… from “you can’t see legs in a T-shirt so don’t bother training them” to the ” Don’t punish yourself, if you’re genuinely trying to be healthy you’re already succeeding.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent a message! Honestly some inspiring and very funny comments. I’ve detailed down all the comments/tweets below, and if you would like to add to the list below please comment in the box under the post!

The best fitness/health advice found in our small proportion of the Internet

If you want to be healthy and fit stop eating crap and move your ass of the sofa!!!


Get a dog, preferably a spaniel, they won’t let you be lazy.


Smaller portions


Nothing tastes as good as being thin / healthy feels. Step away from the cake!


If you run quickly sometimes you can get reduced cake at Tesco


Never underestimate the power of a good nights sleep.


Research food, it’s a massive part of overall health. Exercise smart, stop running!


 Get a Fitbit (other health trackers are available) to make you aware of how much you move (or not with a desk job) and try to build in more walking during the day so it becomes more of a way of life. Having a tracker has helped to give me motivation to walk more generally.


Over 30 years of watching my weight and trying to get fitter, here are a few I have used: Don’t give up because today you cheated……this is a long game. Have a positive attitude, being happy helps. Use motivational music when working out……cheesy, big beats, jazz, funk…..whatever makes you smile. And before you snack – think ‘am I really hungry?’ Stick pictures of your perfect body onto the biscuit tin (you could also just refrain from buying them!) That’s enough now……. I’m off to have a slice of cake!


Thank you again!
We owe you all a drink and/or protein shake. Dependent on how you feel!


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  1. Got to say I disagree with a few of these. ‘Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels’ has been an ED mantra for a long time so I’d be cautious with that one. Also to me brownies taste better than being 10% body fat is worth! Also thin and healthy don’t mean the same thing at all.

    I also think that running can be a great part of a healthy life (‘stop running’), if its what you enjoy.

    And I see tons of people who chronically under-exercise their dogs, poor pups.

    I definitely most agree with the posters who cited enjoyment and consistency as the main goals 🙂

    You can see 27 tips I wrote about health and fitness last week, here:

    1. Oh god, I completely agree – not all those comments would work for me, or would I encourage them. However, that’s the beauty of asking people! Everyone has different motivations and different driving factors and hopefully some of the more serious comments designate with the reader.

      I loved your article! I read it a few days ago and wanted to ask would you want to become a Fitness Hacker . Aka

      Yours in Fitness


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