3 weeks/21 days/504 hours/30,340 minutes …

However you define the above – I have had three/four weeks of enhanced health living (not perfect but better and I have seen a difference (I have gone down a trouser size!)) and three weeks of www.fitnesshacks.co.uk.

But before I go into what has worked for me over the past three weeks. I do want to say THANK YOU. I don’t think me or Sam could have ever expected the love we have received.

Over three weeks we have seen over 800 people visit the website, and some of the nicest comments I have ever received!

Which means two things; either drinking and drug use is a lot more common than previously thought; or we are doing something right… not perfect, but right. And any comments or ideas you can throw this way would be amazing on how we could improve the “Fitness Hacks” concept. I.e. health is for everyone and we are all a work in progress… so more the hakuna matata approach towards looking ripped.

So what has worked for ‘me’ over the past three weeks?

The main ones which have helped… or I found beneficial are.

  • My fitness pal (app): It’s an app which easily allows you to monitor your calorie intake, exercise amount (when coupled with apps such as Google Fit) and easily allows you to a progress journal with weights. A link to the app can be found here
  • A good story: That’s right; I have downloaded stories onto my iPod. These stories are only played when I exercise, so if I want to know who killed colonel mustard with the candle in the dining room I have to keep on running! Failing that I bang out a mix from YouTube
  • Morning work outs: Most mornings I end up heading to the gym and partaking in the Protein Dynamix cutting gym program. Though of course, this is time permitting – sometimes I am in London and or other parts working, so I can’t go to the gym or exercise. Instead I accept I won’t be exercising today and work out when is the next time I can.
  • Peer pressure: Just being involved in Fitness Hacks has made the fear all too real that I can’t be a hypocrite. Also I have been doing some of my fitness with a fellow hacker. So either start a website, get a fellow friend, and/or tell the world of your plans.
  • No booze: With this point you can assume I have stopped seeing my friends as well… slightly correct. But once you say no to drinking alcohol with your friends, your friends generally back down and let you have your water/cranberry juice (don’t judge) socially. However I’m not saying do this – just drink less or drinks with fewer calories (you can find a list here). I was getting bad anxiety from hangovers too, so I wanted to step away and see what it did for me.
  • Pack lunches: Common sense here but I now prepare pack lunches which are healthy – rather than grab a sarnie from Tescos. There are some great recipes from our area (of course) or I would also recommend some of these recipes. Quick and easy is best!
  • Coffee with a bit more: This will get a little abuse because I know coffee isn’t ‘healthy’. But I am not here to be a cover model. I drink two coffees a day but I have now placed them in the interim period between meals…to help fill me up. Also, instead of using sugar I know use honey (thank you Sarah Withers for that one) and coconut milk instead of milk.
  • Fruit infusion: Mr Churchyard detailed a really good, quick, article on the benefits of water here. Sometimes I want more of a taste than just water, due to this I have started using fruit infusion to spice things up – I’m single okay I need as much spice as possible in my life. It also has the added benefits of nutrients water doesn’t provide and it tastes great!
  • Google Calendar: I use the calendar in my phone to remind me to behave. At random points in the day I will get a message (sometimes a little abusive) to remind me to eat healthy and or exercise.
  • Taste buds: I won’t preach about only eating broccoli and chicken all day every day. In general, I feel we all know if we eat something man-made it won’t be as healthy as something natural (classic cake vs carrot cake conundrum). I have found I am eating healthier and not because I am beating myself up. But because I am working on changing my taste buds… great article here
  • Finally but most importantly. I haven’t hated myself, as much, for not being perfect yet. If I didn’t work as hard as I normally do, or I have had a headache, didn’t eat as healthy – fine. Sort it out tomorrow. Slow and steady is better than fast and abusive.

I know there is a plethora of points here, time permitting I would advise you pick and choose which ones suit you and your condition, and add any you feel are beneficial (sharing them with us of course – because we’re all learning together).

Please feel free to share any ‘Fitness Hacks’ below in the comment box and thank you for reading.

Much love

Harry x


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