A brief description of me. (No – this isn’t my dating profile)

I am a late 20-something guy from Kent (UK) who could be best described as a Keyboard Warrior ((i.e. a Digital Marketer) apologise, I have been asked by a few people with freelance work. Currently, I have little time to help because I’m working on Virtual Satsuma and Hythe Imperial Hotel Weddings ). However, I have a passion for health and fitness, having had it help me through some seriously tough times in my life.

I’ve even been luckily enough for it to help me get some work! I currently have the pleasure of learning and working with a personal trainer in Canterbury called Martin Grove.

I, like many others, have always wanted to be comfortable in my clothes and look good. I’m not saying I want to be ripped and look like an over-large gibbon from the gym – I just want to be healthy and fit. And I like to think that over the majority of my life, I have done this… although a few exceptions have occurred, with the first year of University teaching my waistband a lesson or two!

With my job not being overly active but long hours, 2015 being an awful year (for me), and there being almost an endless supply of cakes and birthdays in the office. I work long hours in a job that is not particularly active, in an office that has an endless supply of cakes and birthdays. Coupled with the fact that 2015 was an awful year (for me), I put on some timber during 2015 and enhanced my centre of gravity. Because of this I started to look into ‘fitness hacks’ to help me get fitter, shed the cuddle weight, and more importantly, feel happier within myself. Since then, I haven’t turned back and I want to share what I learn, so individuals don’t have to get to the point where their health and fitness is a catalyst for the blues. And the creation of this blog helping Sam and I create a movement towards ‘Fitness Hacks’, i.e. those things which make getting fitter and healthier easier.

I hope you can join us in making health and fitness easy!