I’m the 2nd half of this wild venture!

I also am late 20’s and spent the last 8 or so years trying to crack being ‘in shape’. Mostly failing miserably, at times coming close…but then relaxing into it and piling back on the pounds.

Similar to Harry I have a desk job so I’m not overly active at work, I play competitive sport outside of work hours so understand the importance of being active in everyday life. Towards the end of last year I was the heaviest I’ve ever been, a right little porker! I’m not one for resolutions but the New Year provided me with a clean slate to do something about it. So as soon as I put the last Yorkshire pudding down I’ve been eating better and drinking more water than ever to improve my mood and appearance.

What Harry and I have now realised is that it’s not all about throwing weights about in the gym in a vest that is 2 sizes too small for you, or even going to the gym for that matter. But actually having an active lifestyle that will make you look and feel better. Hence Fitness Hacks was born!

Welcome, thanks for reading and spread the word!