What’s changed in a year?

January 9, 2017

So, as an apology for my inability to put pen to paper over the past few months I wanted to detail a few key things which have helped me from truffles to, well, less of a sweaty mess. I can confirm I’ve lost nearly 2 stone (aka 12kg, or as heavy as an Dachshund) Sharing is caring The perceptive individuals out there will note some of these will reflect Fitness…


Cardio for the gibbon (cardio without running)

September 6, 2016

Let’s define a gym gibbon first: A muscular beast who feels more comfortable on a bench press than running a mile. For reference, I am not saying this is a negative thing because I can be one! However we have to get the dirty C word (cardio) in somehow, and no that isn’t adding two more reps to each set. Because of the need for cardio (you heard me –…


10 Fitness Hacks in image format!

July 17, 2016

When the lord finished speaking he gave the world 10 Fitness Hacks inscribed into poor images (FakExodus 34). Okay – poor humour and blasphemy at the beginning of an article. What else do you need! Last week we created 10 images to represent 10 easy FitnessHacks, following that we were asked by a couple of people to put all the images into one article. For everyone’s ease! So here goes, 10 hacks to…


Holy HIIT that hurt

top 5 HIIT training
July 3, 2016

We thought we would document the 5 best HIIT circuits/routines we have either done and/or want to do in the future. Why? Well I’ve gone into HIIT before but to simplify it, HIIT(ing) isn’t so bad because; It increases your metabolism; It’s quick and convenient – similar to how tinder/grinder sells itself; and There is no equipment necessary. So what are these five illustrious circuits? Well I am glad you…


Fat stripper vs fat stripper

June 27, 2016

This ones is a real hypothetical case study on a ‘fat stripper’. Aka a person who dances for money…   This stripper wants to lose weight through ‘fat strippers’ (let’s call them fat burners to stop any confusion), aka the weight loss supplement, to be more successful in their career.  So to simplify it we’re going to see if fat burner works… in a far too complicated method. Quick answer…


Raising money for a great cause – Team Phoenix foundation

June 19, 2016

This article is a rarity, because there will be no puns and/or poor jokes. It’s more detailed as a thank you. On Wednesday I was invited to a charity event by SheWhoBakes (if you like a cake and/or respect people who turned a passion into a career – she is well worth a view/follow), which was hosted by the fantastic The META Studio (more about them later), in the aid…


The moobs like Jabba

Jabber and Moobs
June 17, 2016

I got the moobs like jabba – is not the chorus that anyone needs to hear. And because of this we have detailed three quick tips to remove them. To simplify how to remove moobs you need to lower your body fat % without starving yourself. So the three top tips from someone who never (once – different story) needed to wear a sports bra. 1.       Think about what you’re…


Protein Pancakes recipe – quick and easy

June 16, 2016

Today I thought I would venture towards the unheard of and have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Don’t gobblefunk around with my words (BFG. 1982) people do it all the time but I thought I would make it healthy(er). Hence the reason for making Protein pancakes. It literally takes 10 minutes at most and all you need utensil wise is a blender and a frying pan. The ingredients for the protein…


You have 140 characters to give your best #fitness/#health advice. Go, go, go!!

best fitness & health advie
June 12, 2016

  We recently asked everyone on social media to give their best fitness/health advice – limiting it to 140 characters. We had a variety of responses… from “you can’t see legs in a T-shirt so don’t bother training them” to the ” Don’t punish yourself, if you’re genuinely trying to be healthy you’re already succeeding.” I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent a message! Honestly some inspiring…


Can I work out in 4 minutes?

4 minutes excercise
June 10, 2016

No – I’m not talking about anyone’s love life (tricked you!). And the true question is, ‘can I work out in 4 minutes and see results.’ The simple answer is yes. If you haven’t heard of Tabata training then it is time to educate yourself. Tabata isn’t the dyslexic equivalent of ‘to barter’, it is a high intensity interval training which lasts 4 minutes – with the simple aim of…