Top 5 fruits to help you lose fat!

April 29, 2016

So your going to the gym but still think there is more you could be doing in your spare time? Some fruits are naturally high in sugars so if they’re eaten in excess, the body will convert said sugar into fat. So Below are some easy, available fruit you can introduce into your diet to help with metabolism, deliver high anti-oxidants and some are said to even help prevent cancer!!…


NO unnecessary baggage

April 20, 2016

Home-work-gym can leave you with a sore head trying plan!! Get prepared so you don’t end up skipping a workout. Below are the top 5 tips to help making the work-gym transition easy; 1.Try to pack your gym bag the night before you train. You don’t want to have to scramble to find a pair of socks when you’re late, running around with coffee in one hand and a piece…


The Benefits of the Black Stuff

April 8, 2016

As yesterday was National Beer Day I thought I’d shed some light on the Benefits of the ‘Black stuff’ AKA Guinness. Chances are your local watering hole will do you pint often described as ‘a meal in a glass’. Want to impress your friends? Buy them a round, and then set them straight on these common myths about the black beauty. Myth: Guinness is high in alcohol Guinness Isn’t any…


Inspired by Batman Vs Superman I give you…..Caffeinesam!

March 25, 2016

Hello this is Sam AKA Caffeine Kidson……you can keep that one! This cheeky little number is a great idea for injecting life into a dull, tired complexion. What with all the thick heads from the bank holiday, the coffee mask will not only remind you of your morning cup of the dark stuff but it’s actually an ideal mask for all skin types – with a few substitutes depending on…


Benefits of red meat….Happy 14th!

March 14, 2016

On this very special day I thought I would highlight the benefits of eating red meat! Red meat contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients, it’s found to be high in vitamin B12,B6,Iron and Zinc! Vitamin B12 is vital ammunition for the protection of pretty much all the major structural and functional body systems, from things like neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, infertility and even cancer! Red meat certainly beats white…


Diaries aren’t just for 4 year old girls!

March 2, 2016

Personally, over the years when I’ve been working out, and believe me I don’t profess to be the pinnacle of health and fitness, I have found one thing particularly helpful and I know others have too. After all we are all works in progress, so today we cover the importance of keeping an exercise log and a few basic HACKS to get you on your way. So in the words…


That’s a wrap!

February 18, 2016

So I really crave Pizza but without the guilt-hangover of actually eating all the dough and processed cheese/meat. So I made this little beaut. Quick, easy, tastes great and relatively healthy! Ingredients; Tortilla wraps; 1 x Tinned tomatoes – to smother over the wrap; 1 x Tomato puree – to include on the wrap as well; Add Oregano or mixed herbs to suit taste; Throw some torn Buffalo Mozzarella,onto the wrap;…


H2OOOO I’ve missed you!

February 16, 2016

Throughout our busy lives we’re constantly loosing water, whether it is through having a wee or sweating, you may not feel you are sweating profusely but we all naturally sweat during the day. If you’re not keen on feeling lethargic, tired, snappy, hungry even though you’ve eaten or having headaches, your lost fluid needs replacing. This doesn’t mean drinking coffee or energy drinks as not only do they have dehydrating…


Avo go at this hack!

February 12, 2016

It’s the trendiest food around, but are you throwing out the healthiest part? An Avocado SEED makes up 70% of the fruit’s nutritional benefits – if you know how to eat it. I can’t advise putting the seed directly into the blender as it will most likely blunt the blades. The best option is to put the seed into a sandwich bag and hit it with hammer or rolling pin…


Morning Glory – No not that one!

February 9, 2016

Mornings – love them or hate them they have their benefits to health and fitness. I personally prefer exercising in the morning. Why? Honestly, because I’m probably not awake enough to realise what I am doing to myself. However I would recommend mornings…not just for the bragging rights at work but also for 4 important things; Morning work outs boost your metabolism Yep – it’s true. Your metabolic rate will…