Avo go at this hack!

It’s the trendiest food around, but are you throwing out the healthiest part? An Avocado SEED makes up 70% of the fruit’s nutritional benefits – if you know how to eat it. I can’t advise putting the seed directly into the blender as it will most likely blunt the blades. The best option is to put the seed into a sandwich bag and hit it with hammer or rolling pin to break it down… just imagine it’s the tax man or your boss!

Here come the facts!

· Avocado seeds have more antioxidants than most fruit and vegetables

· Seeds make up 70 percent of the nutritional benefit of an entire avocado

· Most common way for people to consume avocado seeds is in smoothies

· Cutting the seed into quarters and blend

The taste of the seed is quite bitter so be sure to mix it with natural sweeteners like Honey or Kale.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!


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