Whats that Skippy? There’s a new rope on the Market?!


Ok, bare with us on this one, it’s our first review, we are more innocent and naive than the Virgin Mary!

We are honoured and chuffed to be chosen by BEASTGEAR to review their brand new skipping rope.

And what a rope it is! I am not much of a skipping enthusiast but by gum has this rope opened my eyes! The first thing that struck me before the product even arrived is that their customer service is on another level! From the time of purchase I had a ‘thank you’ email waiting for me in my inbox letting me know they are small family-run company and that my order was being processed. The email also contained a guide on how to ‘perfect your skipping technique’. I bet you’re thinking don’t be so stupid, skipping is skipping, right? Well, no, not if you’ve never used a skipping rope or haven’t skipped in awhile, I know I for one felt more confident with a little reminder and a few pointers on how to actually do it!

The product


I love it! The cool packaging/design just adds complements to how good the product is.  The rope is fully adjustable which means people of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the product. The skipping rope has sleek handles that don’t become slippy with sweat and the product as a whole is ridiculously light! There are no problems with entanglement and the rope is smooth and loops away in the BEAST carrier pouch.

The company is a small family-run one but if they continue to produce items to this quality at their very reasonable price i can’t see why they won’t be mixing with the big boys soon!!

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