Benefits of red meat….Happy 14th!

On this very special day I thought I would highlight the benefits of eating red meat!

Red meat contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients, it’s found to be high in vitamin B12,B6,Iron and Zinc!
Vitamin B12 is vital ammunition for the protection of pretty much all the major structural and functional body systems, from things like neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, infertility and even cancer!

Red meat certainly beats white meat when it comes to levels of vitamin B12, iron and zinc but red meat’s fatty profile also packs a healthy punch, boasting equal amounts of saturated and monounsaturated fat – the latter the same heart-friendly fat that’s found in olive oil and the cornerstone of the much-idolised Mediterranean diet.

As with iron, when consumed via red meat, all of these nutrients are highly ‘bioavailable’ meaning that it’s easier for the body to break them down than if they were delivered via other food sources.

Not only this but you get a blowjob afterwards…unless you’re single or have been in a relationship for a long time in which case just be happy you are getting steak for dinner!


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