7 days without exercise makes a fool weak… full week

February 11, 2016

Before you read on you should understand strong willpower is not a character trait – it is not something we are born with! You have to train the prefrontal cortex in your brain in order to have strong willpower. And like everything we speak about… it takes time and we are work in progresses rather than the finished product. You can take the above title as an dyslexic slip up and/or realise it…


Morning Glory – No not that one!

February 9, 2016

Mornings – love them or hate them they have their benefits to health and fitness. I personally prefer exercising in the morning. Why? Honestly, because I’m probably not awake enough to realise what I am doing to myself. However I would recommend mornings…not just for the bragging rights at work but also for 4 important things; Morning work outs boost your metabolism Yep – it’s true. Your metabolic rate will…


How long do you spend sitting each day?

February 8, 2016

Did you know that British people sit for 8.9 hours each day (on average) In recent years a variety of major international research has produced compelling evidence that sitting for more than 4 hours each day can lead to: The shut down of enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats Reduced calorie burning (metabolic rate) Disrupted blood sugar levels Increased insulin and blood pressure levels Leg muscles switching off Irrespective…


Feeling S.A.D.?

February 6, 2016

Maybe my timing is a little off, we’re past January and the light is starting to creep back into our lives a little earlier in the morning and a little longer in the evenings. Maybe that’s the case, but nevertheless, winter is coming (Games of thrones has had its effect on everyone). I’m writing this article as it’s something I am far too experienced in – Seasonal Affective Disorder or…


DIY Home Hacks

February 5, 2016

Sometimes the gym is great! Go down, get a sweat on, get home and feel amazing with having been productive and proactive towards meeting your goals. Other times there is nothing more demoralising than walking through those doors and seeing big groups gathered around, either throwing weights about grunting or chatting when they should be throwing weights about grunting. So we have a DIY Fitness Hack! This isn’t going to…


Win some money whilst losing weight

February 3, 2016

Did anyone see the article “Slimmer wins £2,500 after shedding a whopping 70 pounds?” I can’t approve of the wording the Daily Star chose to use (or reading the Daily Star to be honest), that being “A 21-STONE fatty lost weight – and left the bookies a hefty £2,500 lighter.” But one thing which resides true in this fantastic story – which was also recently detailed by Sam – everyone…


Out with the old in with the …

January 31, 2016

I have to admit this somewhere so why not to X amount of people online. This year, like many (as mentioned in my profile), I have decided I want to be healthier and change my ways. What makes this year different… nothing really, bar I have learnt one thing – we’re all a work in progress and the frustration which I feel from not being a perfect example of health…