Coconut water. Hydration hack or myth?

My friend thinks he’s smart. He said “Onion’s are the only food that makes you cry”….So i threw a coconut at his face. No real relevance just made me laugh.

Anyway! Hot topic, does coconut water work as a hydration aid or is it all a load of rubbish?! Big companies have made millions by enlisting celebrities to endorse their products, Harry and I don’t believe in that crap we want cold hard facts, is it beneficial or not?! Personally I hate the stuff but we are not here to be Judge Judy’s more like fitness hacking cherubs!

St Mary’s University, Twickenham tested 4 subjects during moderate exercise under heat lamps, 2 subjects drank coconut water and 2 drank good old H2O. They tested urine samples before and after the experiment to see if there had been any significant benefits, the hydration results from all subjects were seen as ‘good’. This proves there is NO direct hydration benefit of coconut water compared with ordinary water. So if you want to stay hydrated whilst doing moderate exercise grab a H2O unless you particularly like the taste of coconut water, in which case you’re weird in my eyes!

The study then goes on to identify that there may be benefits for the 10% of us doing regularly vigorous exercise for over an hour at a time as coconut water can replace essential electrolytes such as potassium. Then again you could just grab a banana…..

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