Coffee – let’s make it better

As stated in a previous post I use coffee as a #FitnessHack for two reasons;

  1. Energy, and;
  2. Judge me as you will, to stop food cravings.

Though it should be noted coffee does help burn fat and improve physical performance…

However, even with it’s benefits, and being true to trying to constantly better oneself and with a little help from my friend… Google, I’ve changed the way I drink Coffee, for the better. Please note I am not a natural coffee drinker (I’m hyper as sin). So if I advise you to just stop or cut down ignore me. Because the most I have ever had on a day is 3…

Of course to be healthier it does say cut down to one or two a day. But I would advise, like anything, cut down slowly. Cue slogan… ‘we’re all a work in progress’

Things I’ve done, and would recommend, being;

  • No caffeine after 2/3, main reason being it interferes with my sleep;
  • It’s no secret sugar is bad for you, so I have replaced my one tea spoon of the sweet stuff with honey;
  • I know add cinnamon as it lowers sugar in the blood cells (and tastes cracking), and;
  • Coconut milk instead of the norm.

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