Fat stripper vs fat stripper

This ones is a real hypothetical case study on a ‘fat stripper’. Aka a person who dances for money…



This stripper wants to lose weight through ‘fat strippers’ (let’s call them fat burners to stop any confusion), aka the weight loss supplement, to be more successful in their career.  So to simplify it we’re going to see if fat burner works… in a far too complicated method.

Quick answer to do fat burners work:


Correct answer:

Yes, to an extent.

Why do fat burners work?

  • They can boost energy
  • They can help curb appetite
  • They can promote fat to be used for energy
  • They can increase your metabolism and core temperature

When do they not work?

Fat burners can only be used alongside a healthy lifestyle, such as a good diet, lack of fast food and some movement. Without the healthy life style it’s the equivalent of using your best chat up line without talking. It’s not going to work…

Are there negative affects to fat burners?

Yes, these include;

  • High caffeine content can play havoc with sleep patterns – best to take items pre to 2pm. (while caffeine increase metabolism you need a hell of a kick to significantly increase it. The equivalent of 8 Starbucks Americanos a day (so best to use pills))
  • Your tolerance increases. I’ve heard it’s best to have 14 days on and 14 days off cycles.

Conclusion… will fat burners work for a fat stripper?

Yes. Why? Well she/he is physically active due to their job and if they ate healthy then with the ‘fat burner’ they can expect to lose up to 2 pounds a week!

However if it was me (and it’s not those days are over), I would stay away from the fat burning pills and increase my intake of caffeine and green tea.

  • Green tea-extract can increases the metabolism by 4%; and
  • Caffeine boosts energy levels, increases metabolism and improves performance.

But as you can see fat burners are like most other supplements: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Because without a healthy diet and exercise they’re useless!


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Sam & Harry

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