First past the post – 15mins workout

No – for the political nerds out there – I’m not talking about the British electoral system. I am proposing a 15 minute interval training work out. It’s pretty grim to honest but I really enjoyed it so thought I would share.

All you need is a safe, quiet, road with lampposts (and clothing and shoes). The work out is as simple as this… sprint to a lamppost walk to the next and so on… 15 minutes isn’t set in stone but it’s a good benchmark.  


I only did it because, to be honest, I didn’t feel like going for a run but I had spent 5 minutes getting dressed. So it would be rude not to demonstrate how pale I was to the world.

For reference the two main benefits of this work out are;

  • It assists in managing risk factors of many diseases, for example diabetes;
  • It induces fat loss increasing your metabolism;

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