Unleash the BEAST!!

‘Beast grips’ is BEASTGEAR latest product and it’s another stormer!! Beast grips have been designed to improve grip strength by strengthening the muscles in the wrist, forearms, shoulder and neck. Whilst strengthening these muscles the joints also increase in mobility which assists in injury prevention and they will now have a permanent place in my kit bag!!

Every time we use BEASTGEAR the customer service is outstanding, whether it be in the form of an order confirmation emails or follow up emails asking how we are getting on with the product really gives you a sense that they care about the what they are selling and their core company values. In a day and age when everyone is trying to make a ‘fast buck’  int the fitness industry I find this very refreshing!!

Next onto aesthetics…and ONCE AGAIN its annoying how this product looks. In my mind they have a little laboratory of Edris Elba’s working away coming up with coolest looking ideas. You feel powerful just pulling them out of your kit bag!!

I have struggled with my grip strength for a while and in the past have used the fabric wraps which I found uncomfortable and fiddly, every adjustment felt like I was revving the life out of a motorcycle throttle.

Beastgrips are split one side so easily fit over ALL the barbells I tried them on. The big surprise for me was that they don’t spin in your grip once you’ve put them in situ. These grips are 100% silicone construction so are are squidgy enough to be comfortable and firm enough for a good strong reliable purchase.

Quick tips on the back give you some ideas on how to get started. I found the grips effective on everything from Barbells, dumbbells and even on the tricep pull down ropes. There are a lightweight and well worthwhile item to have in your gym bag.

Pick up your BEASTGEAR grips here https://www.beastgear.co.uk/

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