Diaries aren’t just for 4 year old girls!

Personally, over the years when I’ve been working out, and believe me I don’t profess to be the pinnacle of health and fitness, I have found one thing particularly helpful and I know others have too. After all we are all works in progress, so today we cover the importance of keeping an exercise log and a few basic HACKS to get you on your way.

So in the words of the immortal famous (slightly overweight) Italian plumber “Heeeeeerrrreeeeee we go!”

Exercise diaries have huge benefits to your workout; we all lead busy lives, trying to cram as much as possible into our daily routine, and if you ask me what weight I lifted last week in the gym I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Not only can you log which weight/exercise you have done so you know where you are on your journey, after all it is YOUR journey and nobody else’s, you can see where you want to be in the future! If you do 45 press ups one week and week in, week out you are doing 45 press ups, you will just become really really good at doing 45 press ups.

Set yourself little goals, for example, “by the end of the month I want to be able to do the plank for ‘X’ amount of seconds.” It doesn’t have to be weights (or even gym related) you can record how far you walked one day or a location you got to before you turned around on your run. I cannot stress the importance of tracking your progress, it has helped me massively. My best tip is to buy yourself a brand new diary/notebook and subconsciously you’ll be more inclined to use it if you have just bought it! (After all, we all secretly love a bit of new stationary.)

Don’t go all OCD on us and start weighing yourself every single day! There are so many factors that contribute to your weight fluctuating; when your last meal was, how much fluid you have recently consumed, how much you have sweated, to name just a few! Also, every set of scales will differ, some ever so slightly, some massively. So our top tip would be to weigh yourself every other day at max and use the same set of scales when you do this. Another good idea would be to take pictures at the beginning of your journey so when you feel motivation slipping or your attitude sucks, just look at what you’re working to get away from! In addition you can get a tape measure and take measurements, GO CRAZY and stick them in your diary too! Personally I would measure across the mid-rift over the belly button, hips at the widest point, thighs (be consistent make sure you’re re-measuring at the same place for results) across the biceps and around the neck. This is a much more rewarding way of seeing results rather than looking at the scales!

So go and grab a diary and be that princess you’ve always wanted to be. If not you then who?!

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  1. Great advice Sam, I take progress pics once a month in the same clothes and positions. They are invaluable to look back on when I am feeling a little demotivated, or feel progress isn’t good.

    1. Thanks Pete great to know people put it into practice. I love seeing physical results and not just numbers on the scales!
      Keep preaching the fitness hacks ways! Harry and I really appreciate it!!

      Yours in fitness


  2. I like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.

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