H2OOOO I’ve missed you!

Throughout our busy lives we’re constantly loosing water, whether it is through having a wee or sweating, you may not feel you are sweating profusely but we all naturally sweat during the day. If you’re not keen on feeling lethargic, tired, snappy, hungry even though you’ve eaten or having headaches, your lost fluid needs replacing. This doesn’t mean drinking coffee or energy drinks as not only do they have dehydrating properties but your are technically drinking calories that only actually hinder and not help.

I don’t pretend to be the pinnacle of health but I try and drink 1.5L/2L a day… the NHS recommend 6-8 glasses a day. This bugs me because who’s to say how big the glass is!? And what is suitable for Harry and I won’t be suitable for the average sized human.

Another good indicator is the colour of your urine, too dark is a body indicator that you need some fluid! I was always told that if your letting the body get to the stage where it is screaming out that you that you are hungry or thirsty then you are not doing it right…!
Stay hydrated kids.

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