HIIT me baby one more time.

The last week and a bit I have eaten like a pig at a buffet (trotters and all) and done little to no exercise. But that’s alright. The previous Harry, like a radical catholic, would have beaten himself up and ironically would have eaten worse because of it and probably stopped exercising.

I think the fear of failure can became a fear of success. So like a self-fulfilling prophecy I would start eating rubbish and not exercising, because, well, succeeding didn’t seem possible.

What does the new Harry feel? To be honest, ‘meh’. I have actually taken note of other people for once and realised… it doesn’t matter.

So what have I done to get on track? Similar to Britney Spears, I got a haircut, and got back on the wagon – leading to my first HIIT session for a month.

The session consisted of 5 sets of the below. Each exercise was done for 30 seconds with a 30 seconds break before the next one.

  • Press ups
  • Box jumps
  • Standing shoulder press
  • Lunges
  • Curls for the girls

Finally after this I tried turning off the treadmill and running forward on it by grabbing the handle bars and pushing the belt. Doing 10 seconds of sprints and 10 seconds rest. However, not all treadmill belts can move when the treadmill is turned off. So if you have trouble moving the belt, stop trying and move on to a different exercise.

I did this for 10 reps… and my god did it hurt.

Hopefully the above exercise will help you get back in the swing. And more importantly I hope you don’t become a catalyst of your own failure like I would.

Please comment below how you mentally/physically keep yourself in check and healthy. 

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