How to stay motivated for fitness

First, I’ll be honest, getting back into exercise felt like I was running through treacle. The irony there is I normally ran towards treacle… . Which was the reason for needing to exercise.

But looking back at it now, creating a habit was key to where I am now (far from perfect but a trouser size down and jaw line in site). It takes around two months before a new behaviour becomes a habit- 66 days to be exact and while this sounds like a tough ask… you’re a work in progress. So if you slip no need for self-flagellation, just get back on it.

Now the hard part, the continued motivation needed to create the habit and continue with it. This 6 months journey has been hard, but then at the same time, thinking about it, easy. Why? Well speaking to one of our Twitter friends, Peter Greensmith, I realised motivation comes from several avenues – not just the mirror.

My key motivations have been detailed below. But, as per, I do want to highlight no one’s perfect. So if you’re not 110% each time. Fine. Hopefully the below can get you back on track but don’t beet yourself up.

Change your perspective

A change in body and health comes from a change in attitude. Hence this blog for me. The blog came at a time where life wasn’t so good and personal expectations never met reality – which led to poor health/ and poor mental health due to a ‘negative gap’ between reality and expectations.

So my ‘change in perspective’ towards exercise isn’t for the chassis, it’s actually bigger than that. The work in progress relates to my life, where I understand exercise is a catalyst for a smile. But let’s be honest it doesn’t have to be that deep.

A small but great example is don’t shun the stair walkers, join them instead of using the elevator.

Short term goals

We’ve detailed a lot about this and Sam gave a good 5 point list found here. But to simplify it, focus on little goals and coincide them with the big goal. Aim to do a chin up, which will help get that body you want.

Give yourself a reward

Create a neurological ‘habit loop’. Aka exercise and as soon as you finish reward yourself during the first few months of training (no battered Mars bars but a chocolate bar would suffice (dark chocolate if you want a healthy chocolate alternative)). Then, when exercising becomes a habit, the feel good chemicals people harp about become the reward, and you can sack off the treat!


Mix it up is the only way to put it. When the gym becomes a pick and mix you know you have done well. Pick and choose what you feel is best for you at the time… but remember, don’t only focus on your favourite part of the body. No one wants to see all chest and no legs…

Use others for inspiration

Everything and everyone can be inspiration. I saw a man pushing 25 stone walking on a treadmill for 30 mins today. I know to many that isn’t a big thing, but that’s someone changing their life in front of your eyes. Now – if that isn’t motivation in itself, I don’t know what is.

If all else fails… YouTube have some cracking motivation videos


Thank you for reading and I hope it helps

Much love Harry x


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