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We understand that everyone has their own motivation, problems etc. Because of this we created the “Fitness Hacker” area, where you can quickly look at other Fitness Hackers around the world and see if you can draw inspiration and ideas from them… easily!
A slight bias with this one. This is my beautiful sister… who doesn’t realise how incredible her change was. So through some persuading I got her to create a profile to be a role model/inspiration to others.
Q1: What is your name?


 Q2: What’s your current occupation?

Higher level teaching assistant at a special needs school

 Q3: What is your main health related goal?

To look better, feel better and to control my diabetes

Q4: Key challenges you face in staying/becoming fit and healthy?

To be able to tone up after the weight I’ve lost and to keep it up.

Even though 8 years of living a healthy lifestyle it’s now part of my everyday life I aim to never go back to how I was!

 Q5: What causes you to stop exercising/eating healthy etc. (how have you overcome this)

I find it hard not to exercise and eat healthy… because I feel if I don’t do these things then something will happen to me and all the weight will pile back on!

 Q6: What is your main ‘Fitness Hack’ you would like to share?

Dieting has been part of my life for many many years. It was only when I turned 30 and saw my photos that I realised I couldn’t go on like this, feeling unhappy, wearing ridiculous sized clothes and looking like a pumped up hamster. I’ve learnt through the last 8 years that exercise, portion control and health eating is the way forward!


If you would like to be an inspiration for someone click here and complete the quick survey and create your own “Fitness Hacker” profile.

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