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We’re BACK!!!!

Apologies for the absence but life gets in the way sometimes!! Harry and I are re-charged and ready for round two, bringing you loads of cool new Fitness Hacks.

Our friends at BEASTGEAR have hit the fitness market with a cool new product to help you train your core in a completely different way.


More and more we hearing about ‘functional’ training and Me and Harry are all over this, improving stability and core strength, therefore reducing the risk of injury.

Everyone is a ‘work in progress‘ and sometimes chucking heavy weights around, grunting competitions and seeing who can look the most macho in the never-ending mirrored wall isn’t true fitness. Gone are the days were 100 crunches is classed as a good ‘core’ workout. Imagine your spine as a credit card, constantly bending it, the plastic will begin to wear away. The same principle applies if you are putting excess stress on your spine.

BEASTGEAR‘s sliders have a single-sided foam pad, the other side is a smooth shiny surface. This design is meant for use on both tiled flooring and carpet, personally i find using the slider on tiled flooring easier and more manoeuvrable but each to their own.


I have used similar floor sliders before but none have such a comfy cushion. Also the previous brand were big and cumbersome and I often would find the discs knocking together and putting me off balance. The BEASTGEAR sliders are lightweight and compact, easy to chuck in a gym bag or use on the kitchen/lounge floor.

Personally I have been struggling with a groin injury and these little beauties have help me strengthen that area as well as my lower abs which, in turn, supports my groin. The product itself comes with a leaflet picturing various exercise examples with links to more on the website. As per usual BEASTGEAR customer support is outstanding from follow emails post-order to quality of information included in the product itself. You get the feeling they really care rather than they just going through the motions. Which is important.

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