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We understand that everyone has their own motivation, problems etc. Because of this we created the “Fitness Hacker” area, where you can quickly look at other Fitness Hackers around the world and see if you can draw inspiration and ideas from them… easily!
Q1: What is your name?

Lindsay Babb

Q2: What’s your current occupation?

PR and Communications Specialist

Q3: What is your main health related goal?

Balance – both mental and physical fitness, as well as a balanced approach to eating.

Q4: Key challenges you face in staying/becoming fit and healthy?

Stress management is a big one for me; I think a lot of people can relate to that. Exercise has become a great outlet for my stress relief, and I’m trying to practice more mindfulness and meditation to take that further.

Q5: What causes you to stop exercising/eating healthy etc. (how have you overcome this)

I’m pretty good at staying on track but healthy eating definitely gets harder when I’m in my highest mileage weeks of marathon training – I just get so hungry! And I’m a sucker for my cravings, I tend to give into them a bit more than I should.

Q6: What is your main ‘Fitness Hack’ you would like to share?

Write it down! Keeping a log of exercise is a reward and a motivator – you can look back on previous weeks and remind yourself how badass you are for getting in all the workouts, or, if your log is lacking, it’s a good kick-in-the-butt reminder to get going and fill it up. Same is true for an eating journal. You can start to identify patterns and triggers, and make sure you’re eating enough of the right foods to fuel your workouts. Plus, it holds you accountable for all the choices you make. Knowing you have to write it down might make you think twice if you’re really hungry or just bored.

Q7: Any other comments you would like to share?

It’s not about having time, it’s about making time. Make a plan every week to exercise and eat well. And make it a priority.

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Also Lindsay has her own blog and it would be rude not to mention it… it’s well worth a read!

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