The lucky number 7 – Fitness Circuit

Again I found myself at that strange point in the morning. I got up a little too late to hit the gym but I had a little too much time before work.

Because of this I thought I would throw together a little HIIT circuit… and take full advantage of being able to work out in my pants (apologise for that graphic glimpse of my life (#NoFilter)). The circuit can be found below.

Workout –

  • 7 press ups;
  • 7 squats;
  • 7 sit-ups;
  • 7 lunges;
  • 7 squat thrusts;
  • 7 Russian twist;
  • 7 dips repeat;

Repeat 7 times with no break

It only takes around 15 minutes. So if you have time to spare have a go. Obviously if you can’t do press ups go to your knees and amend where applicable.

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Much love



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