Maya Mistry – Fitness Hacker

We understand that everyone has their own motivation, problems etc. Because of this we created the “Fitness Hacker” area, where you can quickly look at other Fitness Hackers around the world and see if you can draw inspiration and ideas from them… easily!

Q1: What is your name?

Maya Mistry

Q2: What’s your current occupation?

Senior Digital PR Manager

Q3: What is your main health related goal?

Easy, great tasting food for less calories and fat

Q4: Key challenges you face in staying/becoming fit and healthy?

Working in an office

Q5: What causes you to stop exercising/eating healthy etc. (how have you overcome this)

Office work but burning calories at Gym

Q6: What is your main ‘Fitness Hack’ you would like to share?

How to eat healthy but really delicious food (articles coming soon!)

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