The moobs like Jabba

Jabber and Moobs

I got the moobs like jabba – is not the chorus that anyone needs to hear. And because of this we have detailed three quick tips to remove them. To simplify how to remove moobs you need to lower your body fat % without starving yourself. So the three top tips from someone who never (once – different story) needed to wear a sports bra.

1.       Think about what you’re drinking

This is common knowledge but step away from the alcohol… a damaged liver can’t remove excess estrogen. Which is a main cause for the B cup. Yes, there will be occasions where you will be hard done by not to drink. So just be clever, stay away from beer and focus on less calorific drinks and drink in moderation. See below some examples:

  •          Vodka with water (or melting ice cubes in summer)
  •          G&T a middle class classic but add diet tonic to make it that much healthier
  •          Cranberry and vodka
  •          More can be found here

 2.       Eat like a chap

Don’t run to the rabbit food. Restricting your food intakes reduces testosterone levels and moobs being an increase in estrogen… well to simplify it you are getting yourself into a poor position. Just eat and be healthier… the 21 day challenge is a good place to start.  For 21 days you will have no:

  •          Sweets & chocolate
  •          Pastry
  •          White bread & white pasta
  •          Sugary drinks

3.       Tabata and press

As stated previously to remove the moobs you need to get a little less ‘cuddly’.  Have you heard of Tabata? If not these work outs are a great addition to moob reduction quickly, for the busy individual. Tabata exercises consist of working as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 8-20 times. Some great workout ideas can be found here if you’re interested.

If Tabata isn’t for you? Well lift heavy. Get on that bench press and focus on low reps heavy weights. I would recommend 6 sets of 6 and see how you feel!


I hope the above helps. If you like what you have read join us again, or join us on Facebook, and remember we’re all a work in progress!

Much love Sam and Harry



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