Nathan Davies – Fitness Hacker

We understand that everyone has their own motivation, problems etc. Because of this we created the “Fitness Hacker” area, where you can quickly look at other Fitness Hackers around the world and see if you can draw inspiration and ideas from them… easily!
Q1: What is your name?

Nathan Davies

Q2: What’s your current occupation?

Engineering Team Leader

Q3: What is your main health related goal?

Fitness, Wellbeing, Strength and Endurance – seems like the whole shabang right there…

Q4: Key challenges you face in staying/becoming fit and healthy?

Time management – fitting a career, personal life and trying to re-build my house in around training and competing!

Q5: What causes you to stop exercising/eating healthy etc. (how have you overcome this)

Time pressure, stress, being away from home – all the usual excuses.

Q6: What is your main ‘Fitness Hack’ you would like to share?

Once you get into it fitness becomes addictive, that’s when it gets easier!

Q7: Any other comments you would like to share?

Everyone has to start somewhere, don’t ever NOT start because you think you’re too unfit, too old, people would laugh at you, whatever. We are all susceptible to getting out of shape, it’s just about having the mentality and will to get started and the journey back to fitness and wellbeing

Keep at it and you WILL achieve results.

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Nathan has been kind enough to write content for us…to view his latest article click here.

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