An open letter to fitness goals.

There is a traditional fable detailing how a gaggle of blind men felt an area, but only one part, of a large elephant. After they compared notes – learning they didn’t compare – they were in complete disagreement.

Why the alternative start to a blog post?

Obviously radio 4 has got to me. Or just like one of the blind men when it comes to the understanding your goal in health and fitness everyone is different. Because there is such a range of ‘Fit and healthy’ goals out there.

For example;

  • Body building;
  • Running endurance;
  • Strength
  • Etc;

and, of course, all are correct to the individual. Like the descriptions of the elephant from the blind men. However you still get a clan like state from individuals in each segment – stating that their route is the best.

What does that mean?

It doesn’t mean any individual is wrong but it does mean everyone is correct. And this understanding is becoming increasingly prominent in my life – what works for me may not work for the next gibbon. And I have started to find what I enjoy (or my part of the elephant – please no single jokes).

Which means I have created a holistic goal, better health and lifestyle, and use the exercise I ENJOY at MY RATE to fulfil this.

There is no point idolising and creating a target which you won’t enjoy or truly want to do – because it won’t last in the long term.

The mantra ‘we’re all a work in progress’ is not something we should take lightly. Find your part of the elephant and slowly but surely work out what it is. While keeping in mind your big goal.

This means experimenting. You may love running, or the gym or just eating healthy. All things work. Fitness Hacks is there to supplement the goal but not rule it.

Know yourself

I understand I have the attention span of a child with ADHD. Meaning I need to change my fitness goals, not my main one, up every 6 weeks at least. Because I get bored, and I used to hate myself for not having the commitment that others do in a certain fields over a prolonged period.

However psych analysing myself why I should get frustrated? I’m not here to compete I am here to maintain and increase my quality of life.

So what is the post truly highlighting? Have an overarching goal but understand you will get there your way and take time to learn what ‘your way’ is. Because other ways may not suit you. And most importantly others fitness goals are not yours. Yes they can be inspiring but no they are not the benchmark. Only you can decide your benchmark.

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Much love Harry

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