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I have to admit this somewhere so why not to X amount of people online. This year, like many (as mentioned in my profile), I have decided I want to be healthier and change my ways. What makes this year different… nothing really, bar I have learnt one thing – we’re all a work in progress and the frustration which I feel from not being a perfect example of health is a moot point in my life. This blog is the beginning of a new way of thinking for me which I hope to convert people to.

This blog allows me and Sam to illustrate we are all a “work in progress” and puts a little pressure on us to live up to this. At the same time “Fitness hacks” exemplifies we shouldn’t beat our self-up for not being perfect. We’re not all models or fitness models but we all, deep down, want to be healthier and fitter. Why? Because we all want to feel better, look better, be our best for the people around us etc.

So what is a Fitness Hack? We defined a Fitness Hack as:

A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities towards health and fitness in a more efficient way.

What does the above mean? Well it means you can either watch a car crash and/or watch in interest as I use the health/fitness hacks we blog about to make me healthier as a whole – and hopefully get some ideas and inspiration for your own lives. Not just using us, but looking at our inspiration section to see what other people do.

We hope you can join us on our journey and realise we are all works in progress. We just need to understand what will help us get to the penultimate goal.

For reference I am the gibbon in the top right hand.

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  1. Harry I have felt the same as you for many years, since the new year i have started my new way of living and have really felt the benefits. I am back playing rugby in the centers and have lost nearly 2 stone since the 4th of Jan.
    In previous years i would bark on about getting into shape and getting a 6 pack and it never came to much. This year i have just fell into it and i’ve realised that when you just get on with it you get so much more support and good compliments and it makes you feel amazing and want to carry on. Can’t wait to see how you get on in your journey.

    1. Thank you my friend! You’re exactly why we made this website. Like you said, it is not a quick fix it’s a journey and internal pressure is the catalyst to failure.

      Don’t you worry, may not see you in the centers (i’m a flyhalf) but we will deff catch up soon!

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