Protein Pancakes recipe – quick and easy


Today I thought I would venture towards the unheard of and have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Don’t gobblefunk around with my words (BFG. 1982) people do it all the time but I thought I would make it healthy(er). Hence the reason for making Protein pancakes. It literally takes 10 minutes at most and all you need utensil wise is a blender and a frying pan.

The ingredients for the protein pancakes are as follows;

  • Cottage Cheese – two large table spoons
  • Three medium sized eggs (two full eggs and one egg white)
  • 30g of instant oats aka one scoop
  • 30g of protein (vanilla is the best but I have even tried chocolate and it is good!)
  • Hand full of blue berries
  • Honey


  • A banana


  1. Throw (place) into the blender; two large table spoons of cottage cheese; two eggs and one egg white; one scoop of instant oats; one scoop of protein powder; and, a banana (if you want).
  2. Put your frying pan onto full heat and let it heat up.
  3. Blend the recipe together until it is a smooth consistency.
  4. Add oil to the frying pan (I used 1 calorie spray).
  5. Use the mixture and pour it into the frying pan to make your pancakes. Cook for about 10-15 seconds each side.
  6. Serve with the blue berries and honey drizzled on top.
  7. Play the below and enjoy your pancakes!



Thank you for reading this recipe and if you need any help/ have some suggestions give us a shout.

Harry x

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