Raising money for a great cause – Team Phoenix foundation

This article is a rarity, because there will be no puns and/or poor jokes. It’s more detailed as a thank you. On Wednesday I was invited to a charity event by SheWhoBakes (if you like a cake and/or respect people who turned a passion into a career – she is well worth a view/follow), which was hosted by the fantastic The META Studio (more about them later), in the aid of Team Phoenix.

Team Phoenix help those affected by Breast Cancer complete a sprint distance triathlon. In the aim of restoring mental and physical wellbeing to survivors.

The people who know a little about my history know cancer affected me and my family badly. And we were unfortunate to lose a Mum and a best friend. No sob stories, I just quickly wanted to explain why I am so engaged with any charity who focuses’ on cancer and why I was honoured to be there that night.

The night consisted of 40 minutes of fitness circuits and a hell of a lot of sweat. The Meta Studio lot were incredible and put us through our paces (well worth a look if you’re looking to get into shape in the Medway area). And after the 40 minutes… I was a different man. By that I mean I was the colour of SheWhoBakes hair.

The night raised over 500 pounds (I believe) for Team Phoenix and I encourage any readers to look into their charity. Charities for Cancer should not just be about making people live, they need to focus on allowing people to live after as well. And Team Phoenix does that!

Please donate to the charity if you can by clicking here. And I wanted to again a big thank you to the META team… I am sure we will be in touch soon (got to get the bikini bod somehow (okay maybe one joke)).

A cheeky before and after photo of me and SheWhoBakes.


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