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We understand that everyone has their own motivation, problems etc. Because of this we created the “Fitness Hacker” area, where you can quickly look at other Fitness Hackers around the world and see if you can draw inspiration and ideas from them… easily!
Q1: What is your name?

Sean McDonagh

Q2: What’s your current occupation?


Q3: What is your main health related goal?

To maintain fitness and improve strength and physique.

Q4: Key challenges you face in staying/becoming fit and healthy?

As a naturally lean individual with a high metabolism, I struggle to put on weight/muscle. I also experience difficulty in regularly finding the time to achieve my goals.

Q5: What causes you to stop exercising/eating healthy etc. (how have you overcome this)

Usually being too busy and slipping into bad habits. I have started to overcome this by being realistic about what I can achieve in my schedule and actively practicing discipline in the activities I do. For example joining a gym with a friend has forced me to attend regularly and once you overcome the first uphill battle of committing frequently, I find it’s much easier to maintain thereafter. (Just don’t stop!)

Q6: What is your main ‘Fitness Hack’ you would like to share?

For anyone who struggles to find time, I would recommend riding a bike to work. You’re in control of how often you want to do it, but if you can maintain minimal discipline, you will be forced to exercise, as you can’t avoid going to work! As long as you’re sensible, you will also enjoy it and feel great after, as well combining cardio and exercise of your leg muscles, whilst not taking extra time out of your day to do so.

Q7: Any other comments you would like to share?

Mix things up so it doesn’t become a chore i.e. balance going to the gym with playing sport or running, cycling or swimming. And choose an activity that you will actually enjoy!

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