The Spartan work out – am I ripped yet?


Today… I was procrastinating (get off your high horse – we all do it) and I came across a video on the ‘Spartan workout’. Obviously a lot of the male species got broners (defined below) when watching ‘300’. Because it was like looking at a room full of individuals who you would swap anything to look like … until you realise what they go through daily with eating arrangements, exercise etc.


You’re a guy getting a massage from another guy, and its nice, its relaxing then all of a sudden you get a little tingle; that my friends, is a ‘broner’.


But looking at the circuit I thought I would have crack at it and potentially incorporate it once a week into my current exercise program. For reference it took around 20 minutes and it was really simple but effective way of becoming a sweaty mess.

I’m not going to say I completed the circuit to its full potential – where at some points I was a panting mess and ended up taking a quick breather but it is something to work on. I also swapped the chin ups for pull downs because a circuit like this needs to be changed to suit the users ability. And a pull up was not going to happen!

The work out format can be found below. You only do one round and there is no break between exercises. 

Spartan workout (please amend where applicable or remove items which cannot be done at home)


  • 100 bodyweight squats
  • 80 crunches
  • 60 press ups (or press ups on your knees)
  • 40 box jumps (or step ups)
  • 30 v-sits
  • 20 pull ups (or pull downs)
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 minutes to look in the mirror and work out if you’re ripped yet.

If you want a bit more of a description of the circuit you can find James Haskell’s video on it below. Video includes form which is always important to stop injury!

Make sure you comment on how you found it and any ideas on how to improve it.



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