Top 5 HEALTHY hacks to beat those UNHEALTHY fitness habits.

If, like me, you only have  limited time to exercise and expect a lot from your workout whether it be fitness, weight loss, stress relief and mental health benefits. You’re putting a lot of pressure on your workout to deliver! Personally I believe in the below 5 HACKS to help you maximise your time exercising and get the most of your sweaty struggle for a better you. So REMEMBER;

DON’T Exercise at a moderate pace 

Don’t get me wrong, exercising at any level is better than nothing but if we are looking to get the most out of what we do than we need to challenge ourselves… right? What I am proposing, and I alluded to in one of my previous articles, is that instead of just going for a general jog or cycle round the park, try running 80-90% then walking/jogging as a rest then repeat. Do this as many times as you feel comfortable, there is no exact science but remember to log your results then push yourself harder next time.

*WARNING* this will make you sweat like a Bosnian roof tiler and make you feel like you heart is trying to break free from your rib cage but who ever said fitness was fun?!

DON’T Be boring all your life

Once you do something regularly you body will adapt and the benefits will become less and less – the better you get at it. For example if you Run 5km over and over and over again all you will be is extremely good at running 5k! I would suggest maybe try sprints, strength training or even HIIT more info on HIIT can be found here. Mix it up so your training doesn’t become stale and boring.

DON’T Exercise when you’re a hungry hungry hippo

I’ve heard in the past that if you train first thing in the morning you get the best benefits and burn the most fat. Now that’s not entirely true, and bare with me on this one. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach means your body is low on blood sugar and energy in general. Meaning you wont be able to push yourself as hard as you would if you had eating or at least had a coffee. Here comes the jaaaaaaaargan;

Evidence shows that if you don’t have enough blood sugar, your body will release glycogen from the muscle meaning you’ll fatigue much quicker. Fatigue bad (the caveman in me coming out there)

DON’T Ignore strength

Never one to preach for everyone to become Arnie look-a-likes, cardio is good for you however strength training gives you a whole range of added benefits such as;

  • Better blood sugar control
  • Reduced fat around your organs
  • Greater bone density and strength
  • Greater stamina.

DON’T Come up with all the excuses you can think of not to train.

I know sometimes the best arguments are had with yourself… benefits are you always win! But when it comes to exercise it’s the single most tempting distraction not to go for that run or not to bother with that gym session. There are so many other things you could be doing instead of exercising and some are probably very important. That is why exercise should be NON-NEGOTIABLE, see how Harry advises how to make exercise a habit. You’ll be thankful once you’ve done it today and in the future.

Thanks for reading!

Peace out


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