What’s changed in a year?

So, as an apology for my inability to put pen to paper over the past few months I wanted to detail a few key things which have helped me from truffles to, well, less of a sweaty mess. I can confirm I’ve lost nearly 2 stone (aka 12kg, or as heavy as an Dachshund)

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The perceptive individuals out there will note some of these will reflect Fitness Hacks I detailed last year – with other Hacks being missed out (because they didn’t sit right with after a sustained period). However, the ones I missed out may suit you, so have a look!

Please note some of these shouldn’t be taken seriously (aka. Please do not bite through your tongue for weight loss.)

How I’ve becoming healthier and lighter

Green tea

I became a pill popper, more specifically My Proteins Green Tea Extract tablets. Green tea can increase your metabolism by 4% a day and I didn’t feel like drinking a bath full of green tea to get these benefits.

Less autistic drive towards my health regime

 What’s the saying we should live our life by: ‘variety is the spice of life’.

I found myself become focussed on one task, for example how much I could bench press, and increasing it. However, let’s be honest, I’m not a body builder and I’m not here to compete. So when I became less focused on specific goals and more focused on creating sessions I enjoy, or sessions I wanted to try out, I enjoyed my fitness more. And, I got more out of it.

Biting through my tongue

During rugby training I bit through my tongue: Hole in tongue + inability to eat = less of a curvy bod.

Morning work outs

Most mornings I end up heading to the gym (before breakfast which I have at my desk). In recent studies scientists suggest you can burn up to 20 percent more body fat by exercising in the morning before your first meal.

I can’t state I work out all the time before work. Sometimes I will only go to the gym once a week because of work, or other, commitments. But that’s OK. I just focus on the next one and focus on the idea we’re all a work in progress.

Morning workouts


Some foods I love and I know I will crave them when hungover. So, to counter this I stock up with healthier alternatives. An example is if I need ice cream I eat frozen yogurt instead (need is the key word here).

Ditch the all-or-nothing attitude

A short workout is much better than no workout. Focus on small workout and build the habit.

Go travelling and get away from the desk

I did a short stint away in Cambodia, just to give my bum bag some airtime, but because of food poising (or that’s what I am calling too much alcohol) I lost a little bit of my voluptuous curves.

Stay hydrated… not with alcohol

This one is common sense; water fills you up and is chuffing good for you. The benefits of water can be found here but all you really need is a water container and some good old quality h20(que water boy reference)

Playing a sport

I’ve got back into rugby and it’s made all the difference. I have been able to socialise and work on that Beyoncé bum of mine. That doesn’t mean rugby is the one for everyone, there are plenty of sports out there. I even had a cheeky spell of playing badminton.

(Caption competition – winner gets respect)

Vitamin D in the winter

Hypocritically I have ignored one of our articles, Feeling S.A.D, and didn’t take Vitamin D in the winter. And for your reference:

S.A.D. is a type of depression that becomes more apparent toward the end of autumn and throughout winter. People who experience S.A.D. will often improve as spring and summer roll round, but when the nights close in and the clocks fall back the depression could well return.

Funnily enough, it seems I suffer from S.A.D mildly. Since taking Vitamin D3 (don’t take Vitamin D2… it can have poor affects in the long term) my energy levels have returned and with that my quality of health and life as a whole!


I am sure I do other things but the real important part is ‘We’re all a work in progress’. Because, let’s be honest, no in is perfect and we have to remember that. We’re all the main character in our life’s story and like any good sitcom things go up and down.

Let’s hope to a cracking 2017!

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