Win some money whilst losing weight

Did anyone see the article “Slimmer wins £2,500 after shedding a whopping 70 pounds?” I can’t approve of the wording the Daily Star chose to use (or reading the Daily Star to be honest), that being “A 21-STONE fatty lost weight – and left the bookies a hefty £2,500 lighter.” But one thing which resides true in this fantastic story – which was also recently detailed by Sam – everyone is a ‘GOAL digger’.

Roy Leigh-Bryant bet £50 with William Hill that he would lose 70lbs by the end of 2015. Roy completed this with a month to spare, illustrating the power of setting a;

  • goal;
  • deadline and;
  • making yourself accountable.

So if you’re looking for inspiration towards setting a goal and becoming a healthier you – or maintaining your health – maybe put your money where your mouth is… that’s one Fitness Hack you won’t be getting from a professional.

Saying that there may be some hypocrisy in this piece because I haven’t done it myself – yet. However if you would do it and/or have done it give us a shout. We would love to hear from you and help share your story to educate and inspire others.

To view Roy’s story click this link


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